The Return to School brings about many questions and uncertainties that will be difficult to answer until students are back in school come September.  The status of school sport, much like the COVID situation, is very difficult to predict and could change depending on how school re-opening looks come the fall. There are a number of key factors that will affect how school sports opportunities look in the fall and throughout the school year.  Some of these being: cohort restrictions, total number of participants, physical distancing recommendations, staff comfort with coaching, and busing just to name a few. Sport introduction will be based on a conservative approach and contingent on the number of case in the region. Communication with students on opportunities to engage in sports/on teams will be done if/when all factors  have been considered and the risk to students and staff continues to be low.

    The 2020-21 LEA Calendar (in PDF Format) is still in progress and the original will be posted here when it is completed. All calendars are subject to change. (Updated July 31, 2020)

    The current calendar, with any updates is posted below:

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    Now: Aug 2 12:10 pm